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Punk Aerobics launched in the UK in January 2017 upstairs at Leith Depot (a very fine music venue).  Every Tuesday evening we pogo-ed our way through a cold and dark month, working out the frustrations of the screwed up situation in the world (Trump, Brexit, May etc).

It was just meant to be a month, but now there’s an unstoppable punk aerobics movement with pop-up punk aerobics due to happen all around Edinburgh over 2017. Future dates include ‘Leith for Locals’ event at Leith Market, Saturday 29 April, and back at the Depot for Leith Festival, 7.30pm Tuesday 13 June. We’re also planning an outdoor mosh in summer… Check back here for more info, or for announcements as they happen, follow punk aerobics on Twitter.

Punk Aerobics Manifesto
(originally published in The Leither magazine, December 2016)

  1. This is fitness for misfits, for those who aschew the conformity of a gym.
  2. The rules are there are no rules. With minimal choreography, and maximal vertical movement (i.e. pogo-ing), punk aerobics will be half an hour of high energy rock and roll favourites.
  3. We can exercise in whatever clothes we feel comfortable in (bondage pants optional).
  4. It’s a way of dealing with pent-up frustration with the system that’s broken and seems to get worse. Diss disempowerment and embrace difference.
  5. Bouncing to your favourite tune is excellent exercise and a guaranteed mood boost.
  6. Momentum and core strength gets you everywhere in a mosh.
  7. The playlist? Needless to say it will feature Fugazi, Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash and Buzzcocks. Plus more. We are open to new ideas.
  8. Entry is by donation (you don’t need to pay if you’re skint, just come along) with 100% of proceeds going directly to our very own Leith Festival.
  9. The dates are 7.30pm Tuesdays 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st January upstairs at Leith Depot, 140 Leith Walk. Just turn up, no booking required. [NOTE THIS IS NOW IN THE PAST, STAY TUNED FOR NEW DATES!]
  10. And when people ask why we’re doing it, it’s just because we can…

Follow @punkaerobics on Twitter, or call Tracy on 07743 741 088 for more info.


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