Lovely lettuce

One of my favourite things to grow on my allotment is lots of lovely lettuce leaves: mixed lettuce, rocket and mizuna all feature heavily on our plot. I love growing lettuce and using it fresh from the allotment in big salads. So much better tasting and nutritionally than supermarket bagged lettuce (that is packaged in nitrogen to keep it fresh to the store, which is why supermarket leaves go soggy as soon as the bag is opened).

mizuna at the allotment

mizuna at the allotment

I can easily eat my way through a glut of lettuce and I have also discovered some pretty nifty ways of using it up:

Lettuce soup: saute some onions / garlic, then throw in some cubed new potatoes (also from the plot), 1 L good quality vegetable stock and handfuls of lettuce. Cook 20 minutes and then zizz. Serve with a dollop of natural yoghurt sprinkled with chopped fresh herbs.

Lettuce wraps: use lettuce leaves instead of highly processed bread wraps, and let your imagination go wild. It’s a bit like a dolmade sandwich!

– Use in stir fries as an alternative to Chinese greens (i.e. bok choy). Toss in at the very end to lightly steam.

Eating lots of fresh, good quality vegetables and fruit is essential if you’re exercising regularly, as the body needs the antioxidants (vitamins) to mop up free radicals caused by oxidative stress. Growing your own ensures that pesticides and chemical nasties are minimised, and that freshness is guaranteed. You can even grow some in a window box or plant pot inside (rocket is easiest, in my opinion). Enjoy!

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