Dog blog: What is dog-friendly fitness anyway?

Exercising with you dog can be fun and rewarding. Dogs love to be outdoors, and can be a central point of your fitness programme, but how? There are three ways that Griffen Fitness does dog-friendly fitness. The first is that all Personal Training clients are welcome to bring their pooches into fitness sessions. We usually set up a comfy bed in the corner of the studio with toys and chews to keep your canine entertained whilst you get in shape.  Just let us know in advance.

Secondly, if you don’t have your own dog, and would like the company of Coco the fitness pug (see photo below) in your session, she is happy to sit in the corner whilst you exercise and give you a pug hug at the end of a good workout.


Finally, if you’re a dog owner who prefers PT sessions without your dog, I can show you workouts that you can do with your furry friend to maximise your regular walks.

If you’re not an animal lover, the studio can be kept clear and fur-free for you. We aim to please!

For more info on dug-friendly places around the UK, check out
and also recent Buzzfeed article for Edinburgh.

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