Have a happy and healthy Christmas!

Christmas can be a wonderful time of giving and sharing. What kind of gifts do you give? We all know that it’s good to be fit and healthy, but have you ever thought about whether the presents you give reflect this?

I received many sweets and treats from my family when I was ten years old, but the gift that I relished was from an eccentric Grandpa. He gave me a children’s reference book on sports and fitness. Admittedly not the most typical gift for a wee girl, but it captured my imagination, and I read it over and over again. It encouraged me to go outdoors and run around, and careerwise I’m now a Personal Trainer. It’s easy to buy someone a box of sweets, but do they really need (or appreciate) them? Here’s some ideas of alternative Christmas presents, and remember that simple gifts are usually the ones that are appreciated in the long term.

Children are easy to buy for, try Spacehoppers, skipping ropes, bats and balls, hula hoops and skittles (they can never have enough sports equipment to play with). An unexpected winner with a young nephew a couple of years ago was an inexpensive inflatable football goal and ball. A kite is a fun gift, and Edinburgh is certainly windy enough! If the budget allows, a bike or scooter will bring a smile to their face. For older children, sports books and equipment that encourage participation are great. The excuse that “the children aren’t sporty and would rather a computer game” doesn’t wash. Firstly, children can only use active toys if they have them in the first place, and also, it is adult’s responsibility to set a good example.

Adults may seem trickier, and some folk may worry about offending partners by giving them fitness gifts. My guitar-playing husband appreciated his Powerball ergonomic arm trainer that was a fun way to strengthen grip and arm strength. A Swiss ball or wobble board is a fun gift, as is an adult sized hula hoop, which is also a brilliant tummy workout. Lastly, Griffen Fitness offers gift vouchers – give the gift of fitness. Simply email me through my website to easily purchase a voucher via BACS or Paypal. I will email you a voucher for your lovely one (or yourself!)…

For foodies, try my Healthy Living Yearbook only £9,99 with free UK delivery, or a good food hamper (Real Foods do lovely hampers or make your own). Last winter we took Pukka herbal teas and fancy oatcakes as gifts when visiting friends. Detox teas are particularly appreciated over the festive season!

So use your imagination for some inspirational present-giving, and have a happy and healthy festive season. www.getfitandenjoyit.com

Coco the pug

Coco the fitness pug wishes you all a very merry pugmas!

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