Faster feet for a smoother ride

Running or cycling with a higher cadence will make it easier and you might even go faster without noticing. A good example of this is the chaps from the Tour de France whose legs pump away like the billy-o. By spinning your pedals faster on a lower gear, you rely less on sheer leg strength to push, and more on your body’s aerobic system (which generally tires less easily). A high cadence in a low gear therefore should also help improve your endurance. Aim for around 90 revolutions per minute – you can measure this manually or use an odometer with cadence function.

For runners, a higher cadence means taking more, and possibly smaller steps. This is turn means a smoother ride and you’re not bouncing around so much. If you think of taking long strides and bouncing along the pavement, you can imagine how much extra reverberations travel up the legs. Smaller and more frequent steps keep the bouncing to a minimum and conserves energy. You may even find yourself running faster without realising. You can either use faster paced music, or download a metronome app to your smartphone and run at 85 – 90 bpm. It will feel fast to begin with but focus on maintaining a consistent speed with your feet landing to the beat. Enjoy!

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