A Different Kind of Training

Spring is a wonderful time to train for summer fitness goals. Usually at this time of year, lengthening days means my personal fitness training ramps up the mileage. Long bike coastal rides and steady hill runs comprise a majority of my outdoor workouts. Not so this year. Thankfully, it’s not because I’m injured.

No, it’s because I’m the proud owner of Coco, the fitness pug puppy. I have been running Griffen Fitness for nine years now, working primarily by myself and with my fitness clients. I enjoy being my own boss, although sometimes miss office banter and company when I’m doing my admin and in between PT sessions. As I said to my accountant, getting a wee pooch is easier than taking on an employee!  I had an idea that I wanted a fitness studio dog. One that would happily sit in on a PT session without getting in the way. The plan was to spend lots of quality time with her when she was a puppy, so that she will be a well-balanced adult dog. It’s a good thing that we’d thought about it a bit, as it is rather distracting having a puppy in the office / studio. It works well as we live upstairs from the studio, so she spends some time in the kitchen, some in the studio, and some outdoors either in the park or travelling around Edinburgh in a pannier basket.


So the time I would ordinarily been spending clocking up the mileage, instead I’m spending training a puppy. We’re hoping to take her to Pedal on Parliament this Saturday, so have been training her in crowds (including Leith Walk) and on a bike (pannier basket from Leith Cycle Co).

You’ll hear more of the Adventures of Coco the fitness pug in future blog posts, but in the meantime, here’s some YouTube clips of her.

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